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About VetFulness

360° Healthcare for your Horse

Anywhere you are

Telemedicine is becoming more and more frequent. Why allow the quality of the healthcare for your animals to be dictated by where you are geographically based?

We provide the following:

Online consultations

X-Ray,Ultrasound,  interpretation

Treatment plans

Second opinion

Emotional and behavioral support

Webinars (coming soon), and more...

Why choose our method

Available Worldwide







Advanced & Integrative


Highly Trained and Certified


Consult an Equine Veterinarian Online

Take care of your horse's lameness and performance issues with a functional approach and without leaving home. At VetFulness we offer the best online equine veterinary sport medicine service. We are based in Sotogrande, but we are worldwide, contact us for more information!

About us: ¿Who are we at VetFulness?

We are VetFulness, a project led by veterinary doctor Sandrine Serfaty, specialised in offering sports and functional medical care for equine animals’ health, ensuring their maximum wellbeing through different subscription modalities and individual sessions.

As equine veterinarians we know that horses’ health and performance must go hand in hand with the best care both physically and psychologically. That is why we offer first class care to owners, riders and handlers, no matter where they are. 

At VetFulness we value horses, not only as great competitors in sporting disciplines, but also as excellent life partners. For this reason, we offer you our online equine veterinary service, with which you will obtain a lot of facilities and benefits.

Horse's health, our top priority

If you have one or a few horses in your care, you should know that their care requires a lot of responsibility, particularly if they are competition horses. However, sometimes you may overlook certain elements or fail to notice possible discomfort, which does not always manifest itself in physical pain. In such cases, a specialist's opinion could be of great help to you.

Consulting with an experienced online equine veterinarian will help you to be sure that your horse is following a proper diet according to the activities it performs, if it is exercising properly or if it is performing without problems in their social relationships with other equines.

You can even complement any diagnosis made by your trusted vet with a second opinion from our specialists, to be completely sure about your horse's health.

Online appointments at VetFulness consist of voice or video call sessions with Sandrine Serfaty, an equine veterinarian and jockey with more than 30 years of experience in sports medicine, who will listen attentively to your queries regarding your horse's needs:  it health, behaviour or sporting performance.

We work through individual sessions, which in principle last about 15 minutes. However, there may be exceptional cases where consultations are longer, in addition to the possibility of face-to-face tests and diagnoses.

We offer you a free, no-obligation introductory call. Book your appointment here.

What do we do at the appointment?

Although distance creates obvious limitations, at VetFulness we use the best tools to ensure that our online equine veterinary service is truly effective and helps to ensure the health of your horse.

Each appointment is made privately through a pre-arranged digital medium, which can be WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or a conventional phone call. During the session, you will be able to ask Sandrine questions about your horse's current condition and she will give you all the information you need.

Our telemedicine services for horses include:

       Online consultations.

       Interpretation of x-rays and other examinations.

       Treatment modalities.

       Second opinions.

       Emotional treatment and behavioural problems.


Although at VetFulness we do not replace the regular veterinary care that your horse should receive, we apply a much more global vision that moves away from classical veterinary medicine. Our approach to animal health involves going beyond the symptomatic treatment of the problem, with the aim of finding out the true origin of the illness.

In addition, you can request any of the following services:


Through integrative medicine, we help you to significantly reduce any signs of abnormal behaviour that the horse may experience.


We review in detail x-rays, ultrasound scans and other studies performed on your equine to give you a second opinion on their diagnosis.


We provide comprehensive training plans for horses participating in high level competition.



As in telemedicine service, we take care of a thorough evaluation of the examinations previously carried out on the horse and define the next steps to be taken.


Other Services

In addition to the specialities listed above, you can also request acupuncture treatments, neuromuscular bandaging, shockwaves and regenerative medicine, as well as the sale of natural and effective products for competition horses.

If you are not quite sure which online equine veterinary service to choose, we share some of our differentiating values, which make us the undisputed leaders in our speciality.

  • Our equine telemedicine service is available in every country in the world.

  • We offer medical care in Spanish, English, French and German.

  • Sandrine has been team veterinarian for numerous countries at Olympic Games and other numerous international championships.

  • We offer online consultations worldwide and face-to-face consultations in Spain.

  • We manage flexible schedules.

  • We use advanced and integrative techniques for the treatment of equines.

  • We offer high quality products that combine veterinary and science.

  • We produce natural products with proven efficacy and no side effects, with proteins and amino acids essential for the horse.

  • And much more.

What are the plans we offer at VetFulness?

In many cases, a specific query about your horse's health does not require long journeys to see a specialised vet, it can be resolved through an online session. However, it is essential that the online equine veterinarian has sufficient experience to provide an effective solution to your queries.

Thinking of your convenience, at VetFulness we have  affordable plans so that you can make direct consultations without having to leave your home, through the digital media of your choice. Get to know the VetFulness Modality that suits you best:

Individual sessions

You have the option to request our online equine veterinary service through individual sessions for as long as you need. Click here to make your booking.

The best way to look after your horse's health is through continuous care. As an equine owner, rider or caregiver, it is likely that at some point you will have to deal with situations that affect the health of these animals, such as discomfort, weakness, injuries or even accidents.

Knowing how to handle these situations in time is a key issue. Therefore, there is nothing better than having at your disposal a veterinary doctor with extensive experience in equine care, who will guide you in the steps you should follow to meet all the needs of your horse.

In the case of competing horses, you will face different circumstances that also require the intervention of a specialist, who will guide you through the preparation process prior to a sporting event, the diet to follow, post-competition recovery, injury care and much more.

Through regular check-ups, we aim to contribute to your horse's quality of life and maximise its well-being, regardless of your geographical location.

Meet Sandrine and all she can do for your horse

Our individual sessions, as well as the face-to-face appointments we offer at VetFulness, are led by Sandrine Serfaty, a veterinarian specialised in sports medicine and animal welfare, with more than 3 decades of experience working with competition horses from all over the world.

Since 1992, Sandrine has been a team veterinarian for national federations, to European, Mediterranean, African, Pan-Arabian and World Championships, Olympic Games in various equestrian disciplines. As part of her experience, she has participated in the 1996, 2016, 2018 and 2021 Olympic Games.

Sandrine also works at Fundo Equiphyt, where she is in charge of the development and formulation of natural products to optimise the health and performance of equine athletes.

You can learn more about Sandrine Serfaty's professional experience here.

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