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Equine Sport Medicine and
Integrated Therapies for the
Wellbeing of your Horse

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Veterinaria ecuestre
Especialistas en equinos
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Sandrine Serfaty Med. Vet.

Equine Sport Medicine Veterinarian 

and Animal Wellbeing Expert

Sandrine Serfaty is a very experienced equine sport medicine Veterinarian and animal wellbeing expert. A passionate rider herself, she has worked with top sport horses around the world for over 30 years and has been part of the official teams for multiple competitions worldwide, including World, European, Mediterranean, and African Championships, as well as the Olympic Games. 

Besides her classical training she has additionally undertaken numerous specializations to deepen her understanding of integrative medicine techniques ranging from acupuncture, thermography, homeopathy, energy work, kinesiotaping, and more.


She is an advocate for an approach to animal health that ranges much beyond the symptomatic treatment of the problem to an integrative and more profound understanding of the origin of disease.

She offers consultations in person (in Spain), as well as worldwide telemedicine via video calling. 


Ask the Vet and Online Consultations

Second Opinion

Introducing VetFulness

The Ultimate Method for your Animal's Wellbeing

Why limit veterinary care to the simple treatment of symptoms?

There is more to health than the absence of ailment. VetFulness is about much more, it's about classic medicine viewed from an all-encompassing angle, for your animal's health.

Our focus and mission is your animal's ultimate Wellbeing.

A fuller vision, beyond simple veterinary services.

We offer in-person full consultations, as well as short online advice sessions, available for booking online as standalone sessions or in cost effective subscription plans.





“Top veterinarian with immense equine knowledge, extraordinary team veterinarian.” 

Marcel Delestre

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